Automatic Updates

Will have in next versions, at least in the paid version, automatic new versions updates?

Thank you

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Our 2.0 version will have this in a few months. The first 2.0 won’t have it but we’ll add it soon after the 2.0 release. Sorry for the delay.

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Now that 1.2.73 is out of beta, when can we expect to get version 2.0.

We hope in October. :slight_smile:

Is it going to be a long Summer in the northern hemisphere? That’s too far away :cry: I’d rather have 2.0 rather than coming out of beta.


does it include remote update —

Just reviewed my systems and found that remote connections were not working. looks like all of my Glasswire clients were different versions. I thought the auto upgrade was already implemented.

When will the automatic updates be added? I’m currently on latest version for almost all of my systems, I have an elite license currently.


Our download page has a large warning about incompatibilities with 2.2 and remote monitoring.

We have it highlighted in yellow, then if you click the link you can download 2.1 if you made a mistake downloading.

Our team tried to be careful when putting out this update that was incompatible by adding a yellow warning highlight on the download page, then we also added 2.1 on our “change list” page.

We’ll see if we can improve this system more in the future. I apologize for the issue.

GlassWire has no automatic updates currently.

@Ken_GlassWire - Yes, I caught that on the download page. that info led me to the upgrades and fixing the remote monitoring issue.

+1 on the enhancement request for upgrade notifications / auto upgrades.


I hope we see automatic updates soon. I’d love to see an update method similar to Firefox where it notifies us and we just click Restart GlassWire.