Azurewave, MuramaMa

I keep seeing “new” devices on my wifi. I contact my att smart manager and they can never tell me what they are. They say a chromebook then they say a camera… how do I find out for sure

Sorry MurataMe. Wrong spelling.

I searched around online and it looks like it may be a VOIP phone? Do you have one?

No I don’t. What’s that?

The forum I found said it was a GrandStream VOIP phone. It’s a type of voice over IP phone that uses the Internet to make phone calls to land lines.

So what does it look like? Would I recognize it?

I think it would look like a normal telephone probably.

What all is on your network there?

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I will show you what was on there before I left. The one that you are talking about only comes on every once in awhile. It’s so strange

So random! There are others that will come on also.