Backup database

Please add an option to backup/restore data and records from Glasswire. backup to memory and online accounts.

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GW Team. Yes, I think it would be great to have the capability to export the whole database to .xlsx file or perhaps xml data file.

Then one can archive the file. “Example, one could export and archive the data each month, or before a fresh clean install of GW” Why I was thinking this option, is because if the database is gets very Large over time, it may have some impact on GW performance? The most important part for me is to have the data backed up and archive so I can view the history when needed.

I also think Under GW, General settings, "Clear History” Add more options. Example: Keep the last month

Just some of my thoughts…

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The GlassWire update we are working on for Android will have something kind of like this.

For Windows, it is possible to backup/restore data, but it’s a bit complicated. We hope to simplify this process in the future.

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Thanks Ken, Yes i should have said this is for PC i am talking about. So how does one export the data to .xlsx file? Is that Possible as yet? Thank you.

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Sorry, no it’s not possible yet but it’s definitely on our roadmap to make exporting easier, and in some normal formats if technically possible.

“Keep last month” when clearing history is a cool idea also.


Hi Ken,
Has there been a change in the procedure for backing up Glasswire on Windows since this discussion a year ago?

I saw the procedure in the User Guide; is it still recommended that we do the whole uninstall/reinstall?

I have been just stopping Glasswire then Robocopying ProgramData\GlassWire and AppData\Local\GlassWire. Is this a worthwhile process? If a restore was needed, couldn’t I just restore those two folders after reinstalling Glasswire?

Thank you!


We have official backup instructions here.


Yes, that’s what I meant when I said “I saw the procedure in the User Guide; is it still recommended that we do the whole uninstall/reinstall?”

I’m trying to verify that we need to actually completely uninstall Glasswire just to create a routine backup.

I think you could just stop the GlassWire Windows Service instead and still do the backup. The service is in the task manager under “services” and can be stopped temporarily.