Bandwidth usage reliable? / Stats difference

Hi there, I am connected to the net via ProtonVPN and I am seeing different traffic figures in Glasswire vs. ProtonVPN.

For today e.g. ProtonVPN states about 200MB of upstream total usage while the Glasswire stats for today equal about 60MB.

Where does this difference come from? And which one is reliable?

Is this an issue for GlassWire for Windows, or GlassWire for Android?

For Windows, with GlassWire you can check local and external traffic. Maybe you are just checking local?

Here is an article that explains how we count traffic and why it’s accurate.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware that GlassWire is also available for Windows. In my case it’s running on Android.

And here are two screenshots depicting the issue. Both should count more or less the same, but they don’t…

GlassWire: 2 GB down / 131.3 MB up
ProtonVPN: 3.65 GB down / 1.56 GB up

Screenshot 1 (GlassWire stats)

Screenshot 2 (ProtonVPN stats)

Mhhh. This might have been premature. I just saw that the stats in ProtonVPN have been cumulated over about 30 hours, i.e. they can’t be compared to GlassWire. With that in mind, I’ll see whether I can get comparable figures.

Sorry for the trouble.