Bitdefender identifies a tmp file in Glasswire folder as malware

Bitdefender often flags a tmp file in Glasswire folder as a trojan.
Should i be concerned?

You’re using the free version, right? They are going to give you false positives, so you think they detect more than the other AVs.

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One thing you can always do is upload a suspect file to VirusTotal, to get the opinions from 60+ AV scanner engines, not just one! VirusTotal

I have had issues with Webroot SecureAnywhere and all I do is get them to whitelist the files.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, all the files reported as malicious are randomly named .tmp files that are said to be removed but not found in quarantine and so cannot be whitelisted.

I am using the paid version.

The detected files are randomly named .tmp files and cannot be found in the folder or quarantine. So cannot be uploaded to virustotal.