Bits AND Bytes?

All I see are Bytes this and that…is there any way to specify bits?

I see the same suggestion 4 years ago, so if it still isn’t in there, any reason why not?


Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings”.

That setting is not there, is this a “pro” feature only?


No it’s not a paid feature. You have an older version of our software.

You can go to our top left menu and choose “About” to see what version you have.

As of today our latest version is 2.2.210.

Thank you very much, I guess I’m so used to other apps nagging about updating this one slipped my mind, consider me a dummy :slight_smile:

Definitely buying this!
Keep up the great work!


Thanks @Jan_Erik! We have another major new update coming soon.


FTFY. Haha, also not soon enough for some of us!

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