Block all NEW traffic or unlimited snooze

Hi there, I love your software but its a bit of an attention seeker.
It really lacks the mode to block all new traffic.

I have the choice to

“ask to connect”, which will ask me every 5 seconds about some tiny windows sub process

“click to block” which will then leave everything through i haven’t blocked yet

or “block all” which is as good as disabling the wiifi.

I’m really missing “block all new traffic” to block anything that has not any rules applied
technically “ask to connect” and snooze do that but snooze is time limited, which it should not.
The goal of a firewall should always be to be as little distracting as possible. but i find myself constantly clicking on your little bubbles (you might love them but you’re the coder)

also i miss the ability to block a folder entirely, or blocking using keywords. I don’t want to stop every tiny sub process manually. most firewalls are able to do that.

I really like the overall interface of it but with a few tiny changes i think it could improve dramatically.