Blocked applications accessing Internet?

Once again reinstalled OS and once again some issues with GW.

Please take a look at screenshot:

There are many apps listed with traffic counted and I believe that apps were allowed to send/receive some data bypassing Firewall.

Firewall set to “Ask To Connect” mode, but it looks like some data can be sent/received before GW prompts about what to do. For example Clip2Net application checked itself for updates and informed me about updates are available.

OS Win10 Pro with last updates installed. GW version 1.2.76


Thank you for your report. Do you use any other third party firewall applications that may interact with the Windows Firewall?


I used the following scenario:

  1. Installed clean OS (Win 10 Pro) with no Internet access.
  2. Due to GlassWire needs to be activated before I can use “Ask To Connect” firewall option, I installed TinyWall to restrict any app from accessing Internet before I activate GlassWire.
  3. Update OS and install all drivers (Windows Update is allowed by TinyWall by default).
  4. Install GlassWire, activate it and switch into “Ask To Connect” mode.
  5. Uninstall TinyWall.

After step 5 GlassWire detects new apps trying to connect and asking me about allow or block (and I select Block for unwanted apps), but it looks like some data still allowed to be sent/received.


TinyWall may be interfering with GlassWire. I recommend uninstalling GlassWire and TinyWal, rebooting, then going to your Windows Firewall control panel and resetting defaults.

Next reinstall GlassWire with the “clean” option.

You could disable your Internet until GlassWire’s “Ask to connect” mode is on.


It looks like TinyWall was causing the problem event if it was uninstalled. I did not do reboot after uninstall of TinyWall and seems this was the issue root cause.

Now problem is solved.

Proposal: During Glasswire setup please add a check of software that may cause problems (like F-Secure does, it checks for problematic software installed before it allows to install itself). It would be also great to add “restart pending” check, like is done in Adobe products. If there are some restart pending tasks found (e.g. after software install/uninstall), Adobe setup prompts to do PC restart first.