Blocked Apps still connecting to the internet

Why the GlassWire firewall allows some of my blocked Apps to connect to the internet?
For what I have the firewall if it don’t blocks?


Do you use any other third party utilities that could be interacting with the Windows Firewall? Please uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then go to the Windows Firewall and choose “reset defaults” then reinstall GlassWire with its “clean” install option (unfortunately it will clear your settings) and let me know if this solves the problem.

I use Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017. Not Internet Security. And no other firewall tool. So I think that I don’t have anything that could be interacting with the Windows Firewall…

Will try what you suggested :frowning: Hope it helps…

Another question: When v2 will be released?

Thank you

We hope to release 2.0 in the Spring sometime.