Blocking individual connections


Under windows host connection I have see all bunch of individual connections such as skype etc
I dont even have skype installed.

Is there a way to disable certain connections within specific app?

Skype is installed by default on newer versions of Windows. See the following post on Reddit:

I’m not sure if GW will allow you to block it as its a system app, personally I’ve starting using an open source tool called Priv10 for this type of scenario, its a privacy focus tool to block things such as default-apps and telemetry, it also includes Firewall management far more advanced than what GW currently offers, i.e. for managing service and system-apps network access. though the interface is nowhere near as slick or as informative:

For advanced users looking to manage system services and system apps, my recommendation is use GW for the monitoring, then something like Priv10 or SimpleWall for the alerting and blocking.