Blocking / non-functioning

FYI, the latest updates of 2 programs (360 TS + Keyscrambler) cause the complete shutdown of Glasswire.
Reinstallation does not solve the problem!
I’m Under Win 8.1.


360 Total Security does not cause a shutdown of GlassWire, in fact GlassWire is included with that software as an optional install. We cannot recreate this.

I will let our QA team know about Keyscrambler and we will try to recreate the issue, but in the history of GlassWire I have never heard of an app causing GlassWire to shut down. Perhaps GlassWire is crashing?

Are you seeing any .dmp files on your desktop?

I have five files of this kind for you (80 Mb each).
I can upload them and send the link, but to which address?

This problem is usually due to a database corruption.

If you uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall using our “clean” install option the problem should go away. If it does not please email new .dmp files to our “bugs” email using a cloud service like Google Drive.

THank you Ken.
I just realized that the phenomenon occurs with each reboot.
I’ll give feedback.

I have not noticed that so far, but as soon as Glasswire is uninstalled, I lose my internet connection.
At reboot and after reinstallation it’s always the same thing, so the Glasswire connection to the local server fails.
The same thing probably happened during the 360TS and Keyscramble updates that required each a reboot.
But why Glasswire is losing the connection and how to fix it?

I have never heard of GlassWire causing any connectivity problems on uninstall, or reinstall.

This is because GlassWire does not touch the Windows Firewall API on uninstall or reinstall, and it only touches it once GlassWire is installed and you switch the firewall to “on”.

I recommend uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, then going to the Windows Firewall control panel and choosing “restore defaults” then reboot. If you still have connectivity issues (after the reboot) then it’s not related to GlassWire.