Blocking specific IP's from connecting to an App?

I am trying to block specific IP’s from connecting from the WWW to a specific computer. On this computer, I have tried Windows Security but it does not work. When the Application installs, it punches a hole in my firewall so not being sure if that disabled my block of the incoming IP, I disabled the rule that allowed the App passage through my firewall. It seems that no matter what I do, I see this IP as a host connecting to my APP. Do I need a different router that allows me to block it at the router or will GlassWire/VirusTotal allow me to block a specific IP? Is it possible that the outside IP is coming through a Port and I need to identify the port and shut that down?

I hope you don’t mind me answering this, as I have nothing to do with GlassWire, but it sounds like if you want to block incoming traffic from a specific IP# then you may want to look at the instructions on lifewire that talks about this (Google “block specific ip #” and scroll to find the Lifewire article)

I don’t think this is a feature in GlassWire (yet?) so if you want an easier solution then you may want to try an app like EvlWatcher (free tool). I use this for brute force RDP attempts, but it has the option to blacklist IPs and should work for what you want to accomplish.

Hopefully this will be a future feature of GlassWire (both IP blocking and RDP brute force mitigation)