[Bug] EasyMailReLaunch keeps appearing as blocked on firewall

So I am using “Ask to Connect” by default as I’d prefer to know each application that wants to connect to the internet and manually approve each one.

But it created a bug with one particular app. I use a Windows 10 App associated with “EasyMailRelaunch”, but it shows up as blocked on every restart and prevents the Win10 App from connecting. I know that is the right entry because once I unblock it, the app works.


If you use our “Ask to connect” mode and leave the app unblocked, does everything work OK? We will try to find this app and test it and see if we can recreate the issue.

It’s true there are some apps that fail to run if their connection is blocked, but this is rare. I have one of these types of applications on my own PC and it’s a design issue created by the developer so it’s out of our control in most cases.

I’d recommend using “Ask to connect” with a profile then allowing the app to solve the issue.

In the center of the firewall window is the “Firewall Profiles” option. You can create and save a firewall profile depending on your location, or how you use your device. For example, you can turn on “Ask to connect” mode and deny everything but Internet Explorer so nothing else accesses the network. You can then use this profile while you’re on a metered Internet connection to save data usage.


Thanks for responding.

The Win10App I am using is called EasyMail for Gmail, which is an app to access Gmail. EasyMailReLaunch is the associated process on Glasswire (I know this is it because enabling it allows the app access to emails) and it seems to be automatically blocked on every system restart.

If there are any other questions to help narrow this down, feel free to ask.