[bug] Glasswire GUI Broken

The GUI visuals is broken in glasswire. They do not show information. I uninstalled / reinstalled Glasswire with wipe settings and reset to default, still doesn’t help.

Might be a theme problem. When I stop Glasswire by killing the process and restart Glasswire I can see the graphics again. But over time they go away like in the pictures below. I’m going to put it back on the default theme and see if it stays operational.

My display is at: 1920 x 1080
I have Glasswire Elite Version 2.1.137

See images

Wow, that’s very strange! I have not yet seen anyone else report this.

Do you use any cleaning software or anything unusual that could be deleting our files/settings in our ProgramData/GlassWire folder? I think you are here in the forum a lot and that does not apply to you, but I thought I’d ask just in case.

Is your HD health OK?


Does restarting Windows help with the issue? How much time does it take to recreate the same problem again after a restart? @glasshole

  • HD health is good. Checked SMART data.
  • If I kill Glasswire process and restart Glasswire, this fixes the problem for awhile.
  • I have not modified or deleted any Glasswire files.
  • Changing themes does not fix the problem.
  • I do delete all Windows 10 event viewer logs on startup with a script.
  • It gets worse with every start and restart of the system.

Here is a picture of the second restart of the PC after starting and stopping the Glasswire firewall. If I do not stop/start Glasswire process it progressively gets worse like the first two images I uploaded.

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Why do you have to kill the GlassWire process? Why not just use “Exit” at our top left menu?

Is it the GlassWire.exe process you’re killing? It’ll help us determine the issue.

What video hardware do you have?
How much time does it take to recreate the issue the first time after a restart?
Could you please try to resize the window and make a screenshot before the resize and after?

Thanks @glasshole

  • Kill the process, exit, both work.The moment I do this and restart Glasswire it goes back to normal.
  • Video Hardware: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • If I let the PC sit turned on overnight, it ends up this way.

Image is a fullscreen Glasswire capture.

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Could you please look how many GDI objects GlassWire process uses?
You could look it in Task Manger -> Details Tab -> Right Click on table header -> check “GDI Objects” in list.


I did wonder about incomplete rendering related to the GDI - a leak or overload by GlassWire - if that is what you are thinking. But I thought it unlikely:

  • 10,000 handles per process should leave enough headroom when GlassWire normally uses about one-tenth of that…
  • Why aren’t more Windows systems having this problem?
  • Why aren’t more applications affected on that computer?

How much RAM do you have installed?
Are GlassWire graphics being handled by the video Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or by integrated graphics?