Button to "Check for updates now"

It would be very convenient to be able to see, from within GW, if an update is available. (Or perhaps add an “Update Now” button?) It seems like the only way currently to check for updates is to use a browser to check the GW website manually.


And…at least for me, Check for Updates within GW seldom, if ever, works, I have to go manually download and run the exe.

Sadly, the Galsswire interface is somewhat weak - as you know there’s no “Am I using the newest version” or even “I have multiple versions of the same firewall rule thing - let me select all of them”. We have themes (hurray, I guess) , but little basic functionality which I consider .to be basic functionality.

It’s much improved, but still pretty shite from a product which is nothing more than a glorified wrapper around the Windows firewall.

I AM complaining about the user interface, but I also acknowledge it’s much better than the absolute dross that it used to be.