Buy GlassWire for 1 year. What happens after 1 year?


I’m interressed to buy this program. I’m not really ok to have subscription for this but… ok.
After 1 year, what happens ? Program turn off ? Or I stay with the last version without to have the possibility to update the software ?

Thanks for reply.


I believe that it is supposed to revert to the “free” version.

From GW’s FAQ:

GlassWire 2.0 comes with a free 7 day trial so you can try out all its paid Basic, Pro, Elite features. After 7 days GlassWire will revert to its free version. The free version of GlassWire includes its extreme network monitoring functionality where you can see your live and past network activity in detail. You can also set Data Alerts to stay under your data limits, and scan your network related apps with VirusTotal. GlassWire’s free version also allows you to monitor one PC remotely. The free version of GlassWire has no firewall functionality, and none of our security features are activated with the free version of GlassWire.

Version 3.0 will be out soon and one might be pretty sure they’ll continue that policy.

Now I’m understand the difference.
Firewall is the most important function, and without this, the program lost interrest…
I will wait version 3 and see if this upgrade is really interessing.

Glasswire seems pretty easy to uninstall, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s things like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, etc. that you have to worry about how you’re going to get them off your computer.

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