Buy now... worth it?

I see you can buy Glasswire now, but i feel the price is very high for the limited feature difference and especially this is a pay-per-year plan.

  • Can you measure the WiFi bandwidth from each WiFi device, or is it just displaying MAC info?
  • Rate Limiting per APP?
  • It would be cool for glasswire to do something similar to “Router Commander” which grabs bandwidth from your router using local telnet.
  • SNMP support?
  • Multiple server monitoring, does this support linux yet (we desperately need linux server support!) does each server count as a PC license or do you install the free version on the server and use it as “remote connections” usage.
  • Is it possible to have a General network graph integrated in the Toolbar? Similar to NetSpeedMonitor
  • Mac?
  • Phone APP at a later stage perhaps to check your home network or servers remotely
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The mini viewer runs on the desktop, it’s not a toolbar. So far the customers who have bought our paid software are happy and we hope you’ll consider upgrading also if you enjoy GlassWire.

The answer to the rest of your questions is no. You can see the paid features on the order page.

Chas - I agree. Expensive for the limited features offered at the moment.


On the basis of the info given about the paid-for versions, I no longer have plans to subscribe, at least unless the pricing policy is drastically revised (downwards!). I’m currently using Windows Firewall Control, and I get much more detailed and configurable prompts from that when a new process requests Internet access. Also, the desktop mini-graph appears not to give numerical traffic speed info, so I’d continue to use Net Meter for that purpose.

The price for the Basic version is high anyway (especially as it’s stated without VAT, which gets added on) - but for that sort of price I’d expect much more configurability - at least what I get in Windows Firewall Control - and a much more ‘finished’ product. I’m also concerned that it is a yearly subscription, which makes it a very high price in practice (no suggestion of a nominal renewal price), and right out of my range (I’m a pensioner on very limited means).

I therefore have no sensible option but to stick with the free version and continue using Windows Firewall Control and Net Meter, continuing to have GW’s limited ‘firewall’ feature disabled and using it simply as a really excellent Net traffic monitor.


One thing that would attract me to a paid version is Glasswires own firewall . I binned Windows firewall long ago and use my paid for internet+virus program which has very detailed info on what is allowed out and what you can block . Blocking can be at various levels on all programs . While I dont expect the same level from Glasswire the ability to have another firewall which is adjustable for my apps instead of Windows Firewall for Glasswire would be a positive thing to me.

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