CableOne difference

I noticed that there is a big difference between what cable one is claiming was used verse the snap shoot for same time period. This was done after reboot 2 days ago. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon streaming don’t appear or the devices. Or am I not seeing them properly


Is your Windows PC the only device on your Cable One network? If not then GlassWire can only show you the data of the device it’s installed on. We will have an Android version soon.

You can also monitor other PCs on the network with our “remote” feature.

I shows all the computers and Xbox 360 activity, as external connections. I don’t have extra money for purchasing none essentials currently. Just trying to get handle on real time monitory of resources because Cable One is metered service, and I’m disabled and don’t have other internet provider options currently. Had to turn off Cable One internet for 4 months because they forced us onto higher data plan, even though we have never gotten the bandwidth they advertise