Can Alert Info In Dialogs Contain Date & Time?

On the FIREWALL TAB: Click any small program icon in the left-hand column. Then click on the “Alerts” button, if any, appearing at the top of the resulting dialog box. Notice that the Alert data displayed in the resulting list are not clickable and the alerts contain no time or date information for the event that triggered the alert. The only information shown is the type of Alert and if there was a version change for that program, the old and new version numbers. Unfortunately, I cannot tell when the Alert occurred. Wouldn’t it be a lot more useful to be able to tell when the event occurred that triggered the alert? The dates and times are shown in the Alerts Tab but it is a REAL pain to have to try to infer those values after having to search through the hundreds of Alerts Tab entries for the matching alert. Thank you.


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Good catch. Reported to our team to add dates, thank you.