Can connections be ignored?

I’m thinking about purchasing GlassWire, but wondering if it has a key feature that I’m looking for:

Specifically, I don’t care about many of the connections my computer makes as they are trusted and I know so. Is there a way to whitelist such connections so they don’t appear or I can filter them out?

I’d rather tune GlassWire to instead show me of suspicious network activity/traffic. However, I’m NOT looking for the “Ask To Connect” option as I don’t want to have to be asked before every new thing connects. Just want to see after the fact if there are things I hadn’t previously whitelisted connecting so I can consider whitelisting or blocking them.

Thanks for considering buying a paid version of GlassWire.

With GlassWire Pro you can hide activity from certain apps that you don’t want to see on the graph. For example if you are constantly streaming video from your PC and you don’t want it to interfere with how your graph looks you can go to the “Firewall” tab and then click on the icon of the video streaming app you want to hide, then click the “hide app” button.

Our free and paid versions do alert you if you’re communicating with known suspicious hosts. If you only want to know about suspicious hosts you can stick with our free software.

Thanks for the fast reply Ken!

You mention that they are hidden from the graph, but are they hidden elsewhere as well?

How does GlassWire define a “suspicious host?”

The connections are hidden from our graph but they can easily be added back if you go to the graph and click the eye icon.

We define a suspicious host as a reported suspicious host from several sources we use that are reliable.