Can GlassWire communicate with services on other platforms?

So I know the current status of GlassWire for other platforms is that it’s being worked on, but is the format that GlassWire uses to communicate with other instances of GlassWire something standard like JSON served over HTTP? Could that procedure be made public? If so, it wouldn’t be hard for end users with a bit of coding experience to use the system monitoring tools that already exist and pipe that information to a server that can then send information to GlassWire (or get info from it). Not only would this make Linux users happy, but it would allow for a whole new area of application: embedded systems. Many embedded systems aren’t going to have the kind of software and hardware amenities that are available on even a Raspberry Pi or Android, but a Linux kernel with dumb connection monitoring utilities and an HTTP server is easy to fit on a very small chip. You could monitor a router with DD-WRT installed pretty easily.

Unfortunately our communications system isn’t standard.

We agree with your ideas though, and we’re working on it!

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Cool. I’ll keep watching. :grinning: