Can Glasswire Settings be Exported/Imported?

Hi All,
I have Glasswire ver 2.3.374 running on my
Desktop PC.
I have spent a long-time customizing aspect of it.
I am thinking off putting the same version of Glasswire on
my laptop.
Is there a way of Exporting my setting from the Desktop PC
To the Laptop.
If there is No Export function, can I copy any *.ini files or such to the laptop to preserve my settings made on the Desktop PC ?
Than You.


Unfortunately we have no way to export settings or data easily, but we hope to add this ability in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

OK, Thanks Ken for the answer…

Check out this thread, it might offer a manual solution at least for your firewall definitions.

Thank you, zambonic,
I will take a look at that!

Would exporting windows firewall rules then importing the rules to the PC with Glasswire, work?


I am not familiar with that exact set of instructions, but it could be worth trying.

Here are our normal backup instructions from our FAQ: