Can glasswire track all data use from all devices?

I’ve got an issue with an unknown data usage in my home network. Despite all efforts (including my ISP assisting) to find where this data leak is coming from we cannot stop it. The ISP has bene able to identify the data usage as an amazon data service, however (although we have an account with amazon prime) we have stopped using the service and uninstalled all amazon apps from our devices. Can glasswire track the network so that a specific device can be isolated?

If yes, do we need a premium version of the software?

Alternatively, we would like to identify the offending source and block specific software/url/ from using our data.

I would like to avoid installing glasswire on all my devices.

I hope you can help. Any advice is welcome at this point.


GlassWire only tracks usage for the device that it is installed on. It cannot see what other devices on your home network are doing. Other devices on your network access the internet directly through your home router.