Can I delete my service.backup file?

I found a file in my glasswire folder that is almost 1gig in size called :


It hasn’t been access since Sept 2020 (looks like the newest file).


Here is how to backup GlassWire so you can see what files are needed or not. You could delete it, then uninstall GlassWire and reinstall it using its “clean install” option.

If HD space is limited you could switch to GlassWire Lite.

Hi Ken.

I just discovered in my “c:\ProgramData\GlassWire” folder a bunch of sub-folders. Most are holding over 500 MB of files. I use a modestly-sized SSD for my boot drive so want to keep it pretty clean.

I came here and searched the forums and found this posting.

Can I safely delete the folders with “backup” in the name? I am not interested in uninstalling and reinstalling GlassWire just to clean up unneeded files. I also don’t want to switch to GlassWire Lite.

If I have any problems in the future, I am most likely to just do an uninstall and clean reinstall rather than trying to restore from a set of backup files.


Thanks, Chris

This backup is created in case something goes wrong, so you can avoid losing your data in that case. If you have no worry about losing your data you can delete these files, but if something unexpectedly goes wrong you will lose all your GlassWire history/settings.

Thanks Ken. I kept just the most recent and cleaned up 2.5 GB

It might be an idea for GlassWire to only keep the most recent backup folder. Or perhaps the most recent two backup folders.

Another idea would be to have a user interface element for cleanup that would display what could be cleaned up and how much each option would save.

That last part is important. For example, I know I can go to the settings and clear history and choose “All”, “Keep last day”, or “Keep last week”, but I have NO idea how much disk space it will save. I would not clear history if it saved 50 MB. But if it saved 5 GB, I would!

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Thanks for your feedback.

We have had some people become very upset about losing their histories so we’re very paranoid about trying to avoid data loss, but maybe we’ve taken it too far. :sunglasses: