Can I trust Glasswire/Cleverbridge if they turn off the firewall right after the subscription ends?

They say “programs are still blocking” but I see the Firewall is off.

simple test would be to see if one of the blocked programs is actually blocked?

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The list of blocked programs is blocked by popup window. I don’t remember what programs are blocked. Those programs that I can see in the list I cannot check.

you could check under control panel/windows firewall advanced and check the status of the rules there

e.g see if any with a red circle, edit those and you will see the path to the app…

p.s you dont need glasswire to block an app, you could always create these rules manually in windows firewall.
Glasswire is not its own firewall… its more a frontend which adds rules into windows firewall
(these rules you can easily add yourself if required)

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Apparently the firewall is still blocking connections. Thanks a lot.

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