Can not find Qt5Core.dll


Receive this msg after GlassWire 2.0.112/Win10 start up: Themida can not find Qt5Core.dll. Please reinstall this application. Have reinstalled Glasswire and same problem. Any suggestions?



What Windows version are you using? Thank you.


Win 10 Version 1709 with 2018-5 (KB4134661). Thank you for the prompt response.

Ugashik Bob



Please install GlassWire again (over itself), then check for the dll in the C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire folder. Is it there, or no?


I reinstalled Glasswire and kept settings and data. Dll was in program files folder and no nastygram at init. Have no clue why it didn’t work after previous re install. Thank you for your help.
Ugashik Bob


This maybe an old topic but I’ve just registered here because of the same issue.
I’m running Windows 7 ultimate x64 and each time I receive this error.

I’m unable to download the updates from Windows, so if there is any fix from Microsoft then I shall appreciate the provision of it.



I have seen a few Windows 7 users with this issue. For some reason running Windows Update, then rebooting, then reinstalling GlassWire with its “clean install” option solves it for most people.


I had x32 W7 and didn’t have this problem, but it came up after changing into x64
Windows updates didn’t solve the issue with me. I believe this have a connection with runtimes libraries


Please note that I’ve recently started having this issue. I’ll reinstall GlassWire if that doesn’t work I’ll try doing a clean install.


This issue is arising, I tried again to install the app with my work PC which is X86 W7 Professional and with the same results.

I will try older versions to check if this error is only in the new versions.


I finally could find the solution.
You should first install the latest service pack, then install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Pack