Can not start glasswire

ive been trying to get glasswire to work on my computer for a few days, and have no luck.

it installs as normal, fires up, and i get
''an error occured. contact glasswire for help.

i try restarting, i try to press connect, i get the message
‘‘the glasswire service has stopped working’’

i havent gotten it to work at all, with clean installs, disabling my firewall, restarting the computer, voodoo and ritual sacrifice of a goat. nothing seems to work

anyone have an idea?

win 10.


Is GlassWire generating any .dmp files on your desktop? If so can you email it to us (using a cloud service like Google Drive for example)?

If this does not apply to you, if you uninstall GlassWire, then reboot, then reinstall using our “clean install” option does it solve it?

no .Dmp files, and removing, rebooting and reinstalling does not work.

Do you use WiFi or Ethernet?

i use wired internet to my router

im running low on goats, do you think the gods would enjoy hamsters? or guineapigs? its rather cheaper for sacrifices.

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I ask because if your WLAN AutoConfig service is disabled, it can sometimes cause GlassWire not to run. This service is on by default with most PCs, unless you manually disabled it.

If you did so, can you re-enable it? Then GlassWire can run.