Can someone please help me to recognize a "New Device"?

I have just opened my PC and saw a new alert in the GlassWire icon tray.
I saw that I had a new “Device List Change” icon (as you can see in the picture).
The thing is, I’m only connecting my phone to my PC, other than that, I don’t remember that I ever connected any sort of of device that also have a use of an internet connection in the last few months.
I getting this kind of alerts very frequently when I’m waking up my PC and I always thought it was coming from my phone.
But this time, this alert got my eye because I can clearly see that its name doesn’t related to my phone (MYFAULT).

How can I locate what is it referring to?

Any help will be most appreciated.


Could it be this app ?

I’m pretty sure it’s not the case here.
First of all, you can see that is about a “new device”, so I suspect that is something that is plugged in to my machine (physically).
Second of which, you can see that its name is “MYFAULT” and not “Notmyfault” (which I’ve never encounter in my lifetime)

Sorry, just guessing.

The article says “Notmyfault relies on the Myfault driver to do the dirty work” so I thought perhaps this driver somehow creates a virtual network device or something like that.