Cannot activate

I have Glasswire Pro, and have activated it on all 3 PCs. One of the PCs was having problems, so I uninstalled Glasswire Pro and then did a clean installation. However, now I am unable to activate Glasswire Pro on this computer, and it says that it is not activated. When I try to activate with my key, it says that it fails and does not give me a reason. I am running Glasswire 2.3.374. Unactivated Glasswire will not enable the firewall so I know that it is not being blocked. I also tried with Windows Firewall disabled.

Sorry for the issue @faweaf8w92.

We have a dedicated email just for activation code problems here Contact GlassWire. Please email us so we can fix it ASAP.

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My Elite seriel-number shows as invalid as well.

Sent a mail but hoping to resolve this issue asap.


Sorry for the issue. You should get a response soon.

Could Eset Nod32 be blocking it for some reason, even though the logs aren´t showing anything blocked?

Seems to work now :slight_smile: Woho!

Glad it’s working! Sorry for the issue and I’m glad everything is OK now.

For anyone else, we have a dedicated email address for this issue: Contact GlassWire

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What is going on with the activation here??? I bought a year ago the basic-> NO problem!

But now I have bought me the PRo now and get error that the key is not valid. Ok, have emailed for help but no real fix, so they refunded me and then I bought back the basic and again key does not work!!

Look people if you want to earn money than make sure it is working bc I am a power user with over 180 programs online and no problems with it all, but this I cannot get activated!! This needs to change bc more than an hour gone with this crap and no time for it!

For god sake