Cannot get "ask to connect icon" on an app

Just bought the basic version… how do I get the “ask to connect” icon on the apps on the firewall tab.

I can get the gray flame (do nothing) and the red flame (block) but shouldn’t I be able to select the ask to connect icon?

Well first the program has to try to access the internet. X out the line item. The X is about in the middle and shows up when you hover over it. Once X’d out it will ask then.

Its designed so it only asks once then your decision sets it. If you deny it then you only have 2 other options. To clear the flame away which allows it or to X it off the item line to basically start over and it will ask again. I don’t think you can automatically have it keep asking you over and over again unless you X it off the line item each time which makes no sense.

Yes, I see that you leave things alone, and have the dropdown set to ask, then the first time it will ask, and you can either allow or deny.

But I see the icon in that dropdown at top that shows another icon, the one for ask.

But I will not agree that asking over and over makes no sense, there are certain programs that I want it to ask each time, and then when that program gives up, and tries later, I want to be asked again.

Many of the programs turn on every so often to do updates, and I deny them, but then when I want to run that program, I want to be asked, not forced to unblock it so I let it run, and then have to block it again after it terminates.

This is EXTREMELY common, I must have about 10 programs that do this during the day… also the print spooler, etc. I can give you tons of examples.

Maybe the program is not smart enough to be able to do this, i.e. it would have to reset the firewall rule when the program that was blocked once that program terminates.



We plan to add a “one time only” option along with an “Always” option to Ask to connect in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks Ken, there’s quite a lot of need. I just got to work, and needed to do an update from Lenovo, and had to figure out which of the programs called “update.exe” to unblock to allow the Lenovo updater to work. I must have at least 20 updaters that want to run several times a day, and it gives me no small pleasure to block them.

Also, have you guys thought of adding the ability to sort the “Apps” column in the Firewall tab? My experience this morning looking through the list for update.exe prompted this request.




We hope to add a search option, plus sorting in the future. Thanks!