Cannot Install Glasswire 3.3.522/3.3.517


I cannot install Glasswire 3.3.522 or 3.3.517

Only 3.3.504 can be installed for me. I’ve recorded a video showing where the installation stops, and I hope it can help sort out the issue.

dropbox .com/scl/fi/8965nd41sd8tztudzgvr7/ice_video_20231001-093719.mp4?rlkey=pzhf3rj0akvq7rkk18dio25wy&dl=0

Remove the space in in domain name^

Thank you.

Dear @Mostafa Thank you for your message.

May I ask that you send us the installer logs?
You may find it here: C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full\log\update?

Please feel free to submit an email to , our official support channel, including your log files, and we will contact you directly.

Thank you, I’ve sent it.