Cannot install GlassWire on Huawei phone (solved)

I like using GlassWire on my desktop computer and I want use it also on my mobile phone. I own and use Huawei P8 with Android 6.0 and root access.
I cannot install GW from Google Play Store - on my Huawei, I am not able to find it and on GPlay’s web page - my phone is grayed out.
I tried to installing GlassWire app from APK file downloaded from ApkMirror website (with success), but on launch GlassWire close itself almost instantly.

Can you help me with it, please?



Very strange! I have never seen this reported before so I’m not sure what to suggest.

I searched around on Google and found this:

Thank you for your response, @Ken_GlassWire.

I’ll try the steps in the Quora article tomorrow. I’ll let you know if it helped me.

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I hope it solves it. We do not block anyone intentionally for any reason.

Hello @Ken_GlassWire.

I tried every step in the Quora aritle. Last step helped me.
So, after doing system backup, factory reset, GApps nano package installation and restoring everything back from the backup, I am now able to install GlassWire app.

Thank you for helping me a little bit,
I appreciate it.

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I’m glad it works! Thanks for using GlassWire.