Can't Connect to Remote Server

I’ve done everything I could, and nothing seems to allow me to connect the remote server. The instructions doesn’t specify anything.

Did you try these instructions?

Are you using any other third party firewalls that could be blocking the connection? Can you try temporarily disabling your antivirus? Also could you try just temporarily putting in a blank password for remote access and see if it allows the connection, then add a password soon after?

Rez, you don’t say what version of Glasswire your machines are on. If both are on the latest – 1.2.57b – they it’s problem to be resolved. If either is back level, there could be an incompatibility with an old Glasswire remote connect.

If both are at the current level, I would suggest that you be sure that both machines have been rebooted since the Glasswire install. If you still can’t connect, use the Settings service to delete the current info for your remote machine (on both machines) and retry a new remote connect session with that machine.