Can't install glasswire, no password reset

I bought Glasswire maybe 3 years ago, maybe longer, and have used it since. I had to do a clean install of Windows 11 and I’m trying to reinstall Glasswire. When I try to sign in, I can’t remember the password so I try to reset it. But I never get a reset email (nothing in spam either). Tried several times and tried all my emails. I think maybe I bought glasswire at a time when you just get an activation key? I don’t know that I have an account.

Can anyone help me?

Hi, user123

Send email to
They should be able to look into your problem.

Hi @user123,

If you purchased GlassWire 3 years ago, it is likely that you have a legacy license (Basic, Pro or Elite) and do not have an account. GlassWire accounts were introducing in November 2022, to allow users to purchase and link endpoints to our new cloud based licenses (Premium).

Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of GlassWire where mandatory log in has been removed: Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

To confirm, if you have a “legacy” license, then there is no need to create an account, as this is used for purchase and activation of the new “Premium” licenses which are cloud based. Instead, you will need to upgrade using your activation code as shown below.