Can't properly deactivate license and activate a new one

There were some issues with my subscription so I ended up having to buy a new subscription.
Now my old one is about to expire and says I only have a few hours left. It does not given me an option to input a new Serial Number and instead just gives me the option to buy it for another year. Unisntalling/reinstalling Glasswire along with deactivating it does not make this go away.

Dear User,

Thank you for posting your issue here, as this is the place to obtain additional assitanse from us the GlassWire Support Team and the Community.

Please feel free to submit your query at, as this is the official support channel.

Please note that the GlassWire subscription model is on yearly basis with an automatic renewal. Cancellation of the renewal can be requested by clicking the Cancel Subscription button located inside the purchase email or by requesting it from the Support Team.

Additionally, if GlassWire has been deactivated for any reason, go ahead and reinstall it by using the Clean Install option in the process. In such cases support is also always ready to help, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I hope that helps! Have a wonderful weekend :slight_smile: