Can't see other devices on my network

I checked network settings, and only mine and one other pc show up. Even though there’s another computer connected (iMac), and an xbox one. Why can’t I see their network usage? And once again, I checked network settings, they don’t show up in there either.

I posted this same response on a different thread and hopefully it will help you also.

When you go to your network settings with your PC are you able to see
any other devices there? Could you reboot and see if that solves the
problem? Thanks.

Did you seriously just say that? This just proves you’re using automated responses instead of helping. I told you in that post that I checked network settings TWICE. TWICE. Are you serious? How about you take 1 minute to read my request for help, and ACTUALLY HELP.

Oops, I missed that part. Sorry. Did you try rebooting and see if that helped? After installation sometimes GlassWire can’t detect all your network connections until a reboot.

Alright well thank you for the quick response. I did do a full shutdown earlier and just got home to check. Nothing seems to have changed. It looks like it’s detecting all of the devices on the network, but I can’t see how much and what data they are using. I don’t have the paid version, so I can’t be sure. Is there a way to give me a trial for a couple of hours or something like that so we can get to the bottom of this? Also it may help to know that my router is an airport extreme.

And… sorry for being rude earlier. I’m just stressed because somehow I’m over the 300gb data limit that Comcast sets and I can’t figure out what’s happening. We went through 60gb overnight somehow and it’s getting ridiculous.

so… are we not going to solve the problem now?

Looking at your posts -elprede007 if Windows cant see some network devices or even other devices then those devices are not fully "registered " with windows ,in other words it doesnt “see” them . This is a continuous complaint on many help sites which supply answers to Windows problems , your 300gb is a lot but you must be using it to watch movies and other high use programs is it the price of unlimited downloads from Comcast that stops you paying the extra ? I have unlimited downloads from a different ISP/supplier but will check the difference in price to see what you pay for your usage from Comcast.

Now I have a better picture Comcast have started charging "very high users " (a kinder word than Comcast uses) for going over the limit of 300gb . According to CC the average US user uses 32gb and they say you are in the "1 % " of US users bracket -CC accounts for 1 in 4 of US household consumers but Time Warner Cable /AT&T tried the same but abandoned it after massive customers complaints ,have you though of changing your ISP ?

Unfortunately changing ISP where I live isn’t really an option right now. (Google fiber please…)
The problem is that I don’t know how to make these other devices show up on Glasswire. We have around 12 devices at the max. The main devices would be my computer, and another computer that get’s used for work. Along with apple TV, and an xbox. The xbox mainly gets used for streaming netflix now. But how is it even possible that 3 hours of netflix uses 60gb? And we noticed there’s usage at 4am-10am by no one. No one is awake but something is happening. We changed our wifi password just in case there was some sort of hacking.

Also we didn’t use to go over the 300gb. Admittedly we are a high usage household, but we were averaging about 200-250gb per billing cycle. And sure on holidays when we have guests, we have a tendency to go over the limit, but that’s just because there’s extra people on our wifi.

Bear with me here is your wi-fi on "private/home " on your main computer with the router/modem or is it "public " or other only on "private/home " will Windows allow all data to be transmitted . I cant answer for GW as I am not a design engineer only they can answer questions about GW,s basic programming but in windows problems I am more experienced but many answers entail long question and answer sessions that windows websites have already answered I am just trying to see if this is a windows or GW problem.

It is on private. Honestly didn’t even realize you weren’t a GW employee up until you said that. But it’s also almost 3am and I’m tired

GlassWire can only see the data of the devices it is installed on. We can’t currently see all the data for the entire network, sorry.

Well thanks for bringing this up as I have Win 7 I never went too deeply into Win 8.1 and beyond but I have now added additional info to my knowledge data base .While checking that in Win 7 that you can access =network+sharing and so-manage wireless networks -network profiles manager to see and change settings in devices connected to your wi-fi this has been completely removed in Win 8.1 onwards and replaced with the arcane =using netsh wlan show profile using netsh command on command prompt taking it out the average Windows users use . Not nice ! even tech. engineers not happy about it, that would now mean a private app to access the info in simple form for the average Windows user instead of it being part of the later Windows system if MS would allow its use in Windows 8.1 onwards. So elprede007 what version of Windows have you ?

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I use windows 7. -----

Well -elprede007 your complaint to GW has gone International (many foreign news channels ) . Comcast are now in the LImelight as from October 1 if you go over 300 GB you will be charged $10 /50 GB -if you want full unlimited data transmission you gotta pay $30 . This is being TRIAL RUN to see if your area is effected go to Comcasts website.