Can't start GlassWire Service



Yeah, some bugs and errors were removed.

But I still have problem with the Remote Access - I can ping the other PC and control it with Remote-Desktop. But I became an error during the connection with GW.



So after i tested the Beta 2.0.94, it still will not connect auto on startup on like 50% of startups,
but the new beta version connect asap i manual push the connect button

(update) seem i was little to quick with the reply, it started Normal on startup first 2-3 times
then it did not connect as startup , but soon as pressed statup button it did
then after more reboots it back to prevous erorr where i need to restart glasswire n press connetion multiple times to get it to start

The program and the logfiles are installed on my E: drive, since i have limited space on my ssd
(never tested both on C:)

I also tested it on my surface and there i have no problem with it not been able to start


Version 2.0.102 installed on top version previus. 2.094 ( this version Ok)…another same problem…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Are you saying the beta we sent you worked, but this new public version does not work?



A clean reinstallation, check the checkbox "clean data and Settings ", it seems to solve the problem


If this happens for anyone else, please try this:

Could you email us some logs? It will help us diagnose the problem.

Stop the GlassWire service;
Copy log.conf to C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service
Start the GlassWire service and reproduce the problem
Send us the logs from C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\log

Log.conf should be a notepad file called exactly “log.conf” with these two lines only:


Right now everything works properly after a clean installation, as comment, but if it works equally, I send the requested


I’ve just sent my logfile, version 2.0.102. I’ve had this problem since I upgraded from the 1.x series to the 2.x series.

Some interesting parts of the log:
09:25:37.17 [EVENT] DB integrity check of C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\stats\glasswire_stats_30sec_1518652800.db is failed
09:25:42.52 [ERROR] glasswire::libdb::storage::sqlite::db_sqlite_t::execute_select: catch(): database disk image is malformed

I guess we will soon get to the bottom of this…
I’ve not done a clean install yet, in case you need further troubleshooting.


Some progress, I deleted both 30sec*.db files in C:\programdata\glasswire\service\stats
Seems stable for now after restarting the service (usually it crashed within seconds).

I’ll send the affected .db file(s) to you guys, in case you want to check them out.

Regards, Gerrit