Can't uninstall

Not appearing in programs installed on pc but is running on pc. I’ve deleted every file i can find, stopped all services and yet its still somewhere. I’ve followed multiple guides on your website, none have fixed it. I’ve tried re installing but it just fails.


Did you use a third party uninstalling app? If so that can cause issues sometimes.

Whether you used a third party installer or not, please do the following:

Install GlassWire from Download Firewall Software by GlassWire.
Install using the “clean install” option.
Go to add/remove programs, uninstall GlassWire (don’t use a third party uninstaller)

Did that solve it?

If not please let me know your OS version.

I’ve tried revo uninstaller. I’ve tried a fresh install but it fails at the end but the program appears in the folder. The installer crashes, the program crashes. i cannot uninstall from add/remove programs as it doesn’t appear.


Unfortunately third party uninstallers can cause this issue because we use a Windows Service. Many third party uninstallers don’t know how to deal with Windows Services and they cause this issue.

Many popular software applications use Windows Services.

How to uninstall GlassWire manually
Please delete our files manually.

Go to the task manager under processes and “End” GlassWire, then GlassWire computer idle monitor, then the GlassWire Control Service. You should right click them all and choose “End” so nothing from GlassWire appears in the task manager anymore.

Next go to the C:\ProgramData/GlassWire folder and delete the GlassWire folder.
Next go to C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire and delete the folder.
Go to the Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.

i tried all these steps before using the third party software and it didnt work but ill re install and try again


I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. I will help you fix it.

Is it correct that you tried manually deleting the files as listed directly above and it did not work? What exactly is not working? Your PC cannot delete files or stop processes? If so you may have a hard drive corruption or some other serious error and that could explain why our uninstaller won’t work.

i re installed still doesnt appear in add/remove programs and the program still crashes between 5-20 seconds. i did manually delete all files and stop processes yet its still somewhere running on my pc as another program i use is asking me to disable it still

What program is that? Perhaps a reboot will solve it or perhaps that program is not working properly.

If our processes are ended and deleted our software will no longer be on your PC.

Just in case you missed these detailed instructions, please click “Can’t uninstall” directly below.

Followed those steps once again same outcome. Its not the other program as it has worked fine until I downloaded this. Just in case I did re download the other program and still same error about glassware.


I am sorry to hear you are still having an issue with another program that says our files are somehow still on your PC.

If you feel our files are somehow still on your PC please follow the instructions above to remove them. Click “Can’t uninstall” below to access those instructions again.

I have provided instructions on how to manually remove our files so they will no longer be on your PC. If you can no longer find our files on your PC then perhaps it may be worth considering that the other application you are using is not working properly. If that’s the case perhaps a reboot might solve its issue.

You’ve just repeated yourself after i said it didnt work. but thanks hey ill find a different way


(At this point the user changed their forum name to “FuckGlassWire”, though they used a different name previously.)

I’m very sorry for the issue and I can see from the new name you chose in our forum you are frustrated with my support.

I gave instructions on how to manually delete our files directly above in this thread.

I am not sure how it’s possible that manually deleting our files will not work on your PC. Perhaps the uninstall issue is due to a corruption of your hard drive if you are unable to delete files.

It’s rare to see issues with uninstallation of GlassWire unless a third party uninstaller is used and leaves our service behind. We recommend removing GlassWire in add/remove programs to avoid problems with third party uninstallers and this is why every web page on our main website has these instructions under “uninstall” in our footer. GlassWire user guide and manual

It’s true I did repeatedly link to the manual uninstall instructions in this thread. I didn’t do it to try to be annoying or frustrating for you, but instead I did it because this is a public forum and we try to make sure any useful information we provide for future readers is easily accessible.

If that repeated linking to those instructions frustrated you, I apologize. I will work to improve uninstall documentation on our website and forum in the future and I will discuss your issue with our team. We will try to reproduce the problem you experienced with our quality assurance team.

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im just going to reset my pc. feel free to delete this acc as i wont be coming back -1


OK, I am very sorry you experienced this issue. Being unable to uninstall and app is not acceptable and we will work to improve in the future.