Changing Firewall settings unresponsive


changing firewall settings is extremely unresponsive. Everytime I change a firewall setting (e.g. turn on/off firewall | Switch mode “Click to connect”). I am seeing the three dots progress indicator for a long time > 15minutes until the setting is applied. Often the progress indicator gets totally stuck and doesn´t come back at all. Also restarting the GlassWire Control Service is not working as long as the UI is in progress. This makes the firewall almost unusable.

I noticed this for a long time now. I have a Thinkpad P52 notebook workstation running Windows 10 Pro. I already noticed that also on another Thinkpad W540 notebook workstation.

I already reset the windows firewall to the default and did a clean reinstall of GlassWire 2.3.321 without any improvement. Changing the firewall settings in Defender directly is performant without any wait time.

Sorry for the issue. Do you have any other firewall software installed simultaneously with ours? I ask because sometimes these other apps can change our rules forcing GlassWire to change back its own rules (to protect you), and this can cause an unusually large number of rules.

This large number of rules can cause the firewall to be slow to turn on/off, and to change modes.

If you don’t need your current rules I can give instructions on how to reset them. Then the issue should be solved (if you don’t have another firewall installed that continues to interfere with our rules).