Changing legacy license to new Premium license

My plan expires in 12 days. Please explain or send info on how to upgrade (says basic now) to “personal” with 2. Thank you.

Hi @maicokid,

I have moved this question to a new topic to keep conversations streamlined.

Legacy licenses (Basic,Pro and Elite) can not be upgrade to Premium. They can run alongside Premium licenses if you a have multiple devices, or you can cancel you legacy license and purchase a Plan.

Your current Basic subscription will atomically renew, unless you cancel it. You are able to cancel this from your original purchase email from Cleverbridge. Otherwise, email and we can process this.

You can purchase any of the new Plans from the Management Console.


Attached is a picture of features. where is the info on how to use for example anomaly detection and evil twin, etc. or do those automatic Some I know but not all. Could not find in help. I have premium. Thanks