Clean install doesn't clear all settings (Solved)

I did a “clean install (clear data & settings)” with the latest test version 1.1.46b - thanks for this option.

There is one issue: the remote server settings were not cleared so it is not a true clean install.

It is a reasonable decision to retain the remote settings because they relate to other computers. But it should be clearer to a user that some settings are being retained. Either that or add another checkbox to allow remote server settings to also be cleared, for example:


Thanks for noticing this. I’ll report it to the team.

Although the remote server connection details are stored for other computers. The current computer does have its remote server settings cleared, as expected, in Settings > Server > Remote Access.

So no remote server connection will operate if passwords have been set. Because I use remote server passwords, I don’t know what happens if passwords are not set and the defaults were used originally. I presume that the connections work fine.