Comments on 1.2.70 (unreleased software testing report)

Wow! Fast! Not the new release, it operates fast compared to previous releases. First thing I noticed when installing is that instead of two Glasswire icons in my active applications bar, one was immediately removed, then deleting previous install appeared, the the install zoomed through.

I did notice that on going to Graph, the slider bubble was set to minimum – should start with default to max. This does hold it’s state after exit/restart.

Ok, here is my Network capture: Note that my Glasswire client does not appear. (Not good!) Also not my phone. As soon as I saw it, I switched the phone back to my DSL subnet. Several minutes later, no refresh – just as in my previous posts on 1.2.69. Clicking on Usage and then back to Network has not forced a refresh after several tries. Closing these initial comments now after twice exiting GW and restarting – this also did NOT produce a refresh in Network.

So this capture is still valid although my phone is now connected to the Westell Router, not the R7000.

My slider state stays the same after exit/restart. How do you have your slider set exactly? I usually have mine at 3 hours, then slid to the far right (both sliders).

I just tested again and changed my sliders, then exited and restarted GlassWire and the sliders kept their state. Yours don’t?

Can you try rebooting and then open your “network” tab and see if it’s correct?

I can’t be certain, but I was pretty sure I had the slider set for full width – that’s why I was surprised to see it down to min. Perhaps I bumped it accidently? I’ll keep looking for this – don’t report it as a problem right now.

And as I noted, when I did the exit/restart, the slider stayed open where I put it. It was only closed when I first opened this new Glasswire.

Update 3:15pm:
To this point, Glasswire Network has still not refreshed and nothing I do causes a refresh.

Update 3:38pm:
The slider concern must have been me. I just installed 1.2.70 on my WinInsider machine and the Graph slider was open to max. However, this machine is on my Westell router and does not see my cell phone. Or any other Android devices.

My phone still does show (not refreshed) on my Glasswire client that is on the R7000 subnet – and, of course, the phone is not connected there.

Later, 12:31am: Hmph! It’s tomorrow already! Anyway, I’m sorry Ken, I missed the request to reboot. At any rate, now my phone is off the R7000 router. But it still does not show on the Westell subnet to which it is connected. Neither does my wife’s Android phone. Both are normally connected to this subnet when we are at home and they are always “on”. I suspect they both at some point will show up, just not now even if I try to refresh. And I did reboot my laptop now to check whether they showed.

More important, as I’m testing this and changing my subnet connection between the two routers, I notice that the router and connection information are picked up immediately by GW 1.2.70. All the information shown including Device and Label are correct for the connections that are shown. And through all this, the Graph sliders have remained fully open as I had them set.

(FYI, both of our phones are found by the Netgear Genie app (Windows version) in either subnet. Genie will detect the Westell router and will provide a correct network map which includes those phones. It is interesting that Genie can find the Westell router and will provide a network map of that subnet, but it will not interface with the Westell in any other way. It does provide full operation when I connect to the Netgear R7000 or other Netgear branded router.)

A question for those testing with 1.2.70: If you have android devices, are they showing up in the Network tab? I’ll review my recent screen captures, but since changing from 1.2.68/69, I have not found my android phones or tablets listed in Network other than the first start with 1.2.70.

Strange. I don’t recall anyone reporting this. Let me post this to our dev team and see if they notice any problems.

@richlife69 The dev team asked that you try to ping the devices and let us know the results, and if they begin to appear or not.

Thanks, Ken. But suddenly they just showed up. I had checked on my Sony and they were not showing – when I switched (this is the third time) RichWin10 this time to the Westell subnet where these devices are connected, they quickly showed up. Strange, but at least they are found.

I’ve identified the issue with this problem. I want to report it for completeness, but I don’t expect the Glasswire team to address it as this introduces several extraneous variable not relevant to this version of Glasswire. (Perhaps in v. 2 if you start working directly with various routers.)

What I found is that none of these test releases will display the android devices when they are connected to the Westell router UNTIL I start up the Netgear Genie app. As soon as Genie activates, the android devices show as connected to the Westell subnet. I have no idea if this is a Westell peculiarity (as I’ve said, I suspect it may be manufactured by Netgear, but branded Westell) or if it is somehow related to Genie.

This issue does not occur if I connect an android device to my Netgear R7000 subnet. Even without Genie running, as soon as I reconnect and android device to R7000, Glasswire Network shows the device.

I’m sorry for any excess work this may have caused the Glasswire team. I have spent many hours myself trying to determine what actually occurs. I use Netgear Genie daily (along with Glasswire) because it provides the only comprehensive throughput information for my R7000 router which manages my capped internet service. With Genie, I can verify the information which is provided by Verizon only in gross form. Verizon lets me know when I exceed my limits (and incur excessive charges), Netgear Genie tells me when and how much so that I can avoid the excess, Glasswire helps me identify offending software and users (excessive bandwidth use) so that I can manage the issue.

When and if this all becomes relevant to a Glasswire release, I’ll be happy to provide additional information. As an aside, there has been at least one report that iPhones do not show up in Glasswire Network – I have to wonder if this is due to some interaction between Apple software and the associate router.

Thanks for the detailed report. I sent it to the dev team to see if they have some ideas, but I think we didn’t change anything with how GlassWire detects devices in this update.

I didn’t think so. Today in this capture, my tablet is not RichWin10 and my cell phone does not show. Just the same kind of issues we’ve previously reported.