Compatible with Datally?

As I plan a trip abroad where mobile data is expensive I’ve been testing different solutions alongside your nice app - notably the recently released Datally by Google. I have them both running on my Lineage custom ROM under Nougat and they both seem to work well but testing some of the figures produced I notice that using a month’s usage as comparison Datally shows 16.5 Mb whereas Glasswire only shows half that figure at 7.1 Mb. Can you suggest a possible explanation as your figure would not have me very worried if I was abroad with heavy roaming charges but Datally would. Which is to be believed?

BTW like your new themes!


Do you use the “Data Saver” option with Android? If so can you white list us there? That would explain why GlassWire is unable to count properly.

If not, do you use any security or third party software that kills background apps? If GlassWire isn’t running it can’t count.

We are compatible with Datally.

By the way, in Europe roaming has been discontinued if it makes any difference with your situation or not…

Thanks for your prompt reply. yes I use the Data saving tool in Nougat and now I’ve white-listed it as you suggest but it is too soon to get a result so will let you know after a bit more usage.
As for European roaming I’m aware of the lower charge now but it’s more Canada & the USA I’m concerned with.


I hope you have a nice trip!

Also, you can update GlassWire’s data usage if you go to the “Data Plan” screen, then swipe up and add your current correct data usage to whatever the number should currently be.