Computer Crashing unexpectedly

Hi Everyone,

I’m having some really random crashes now they can even occur many many days apart

i currently have 3 dump files on my computer, two from 2 weeks ago and 1 from yesterday
The forum doesn’t let me link or upload my dump files

Windows 8.1 Pro
MB: Asus Crosshair V Formula Z (AMD AM3 Socket)
CPU: FX-9590
RAM: 32GB DDR3-1600mhz Corsair Vengance Dominator
Cooler: 280mm X 480mm Corsair AIO Water Cooler (can’t remember which one exactly H100 or H110 or H100i or H110i)
SSD: 2x Samsung Evo 840 250gb
HDD: 1x 4TB Seagate and 1x 2TB Western Digital Blue

more then likely a irrelevant story of how this came about
I have been experiencing them since January, at first “after the updates microsoft released to patch meltdown and spectre” I thought those updates were causing it. So I completely reinstalled windows and glasswire and didn’t run those updates the computer seemed fine then, get to april and I figure lets run these new updates see if anything is better, it starts out seeming fine, two weeks in and i do a update to itunes then everytime itunes loaded the computer crashed. I system restore the computer back to before the itunes update. everything seems fine for about two weeks after the system restore, then it just crashes unexpectedly. At this point I recreated a new profile was able to run the itunes update and successfully load it without any crashes. after a small amount of time it begins to happen again, I then blamed my logitech software for my keyboard and mouse. Fresh install of windows again at this point, no logitech software or itunes. ran all windows updates and about a week in it started crashing again. So I put logitech software and itunes back in and its been hit and miss every two weeks, it wasn’t till the 3rd reinstall that I realised the dump files on the desktop were from glasswire


First be sure you’re using our latest software at (the version number is under our download button). If you are not, please upgrade. - If the problem continues and you’re using our latest software please email us the dmp files using our “bug” email address, and please use some type of cloud service like Dropbox to send the dmp files.