Concerned about network security on a budget

I’m an OLD computer coder, long retired, and not rolling in money. I was curious about your “partnership” with Domotz when it was announced in todays newsletter. I spent some time seeing how the “partnership” would benefit me - found some interesting benefits but not very useful for my circumstances.
And then I was, of course, interested in pricing: not justified in my circumstance - even at the savings you offer as a “partner”.
I have been very happy with GlassWire and generally find the newsletter helpful (especially Chris Taylor’s techy input).
This “partnership” seems more a baiting advertisement that leads me to “free trial” signups instead of the Domotz site where I could see what cost/benefit it may have for me. I wasted a small amount of time on locating the features list: mildly interesting but not additionally of use to me… Price? Nope, don’t need that.
I do not fault you if you were paid for posting the ad, but would have appreciated your including a note of the cost of the Domotz “partnership” which, if I understand “SaaS” is totally unrelated to GlassWire - $19/month is just not cost/benefit worthwhile to me. You could have saved me some time by giving me a head’s up on that $$ or at least added a link to the Domotz web site.
You can tell I’m retired: I have time to pick nits.
Thanks so much for GlassWire.

Sorry for the issue and thanks for your feedback on the newsletter. We will consider your feedback in the future with any other promotions.