Confusing graph display/values

I have a 10Mbit (Megabit) connection at home, which lets me download at approximately 1.3MB (MegaBytes) per second. According to the graph, my connection maxes out at 1.3Mbit per second, which is not right. This is a simple matter, though; you have the units mixed up.

What’s more important is that I think there should be a clearer way of informing the user about the current speed data’s being downloaded. Currently, the graph only shows an approximate value. I’m really not sure what the numerical values in Apps and Traffic are for, but if they’re supposed to be showing current transfer rate it means they’re completely off. My connection is idle right now, and yet when I look at All traffic in the Traffic tab it shows ~25Kb per second down and 50Kb up.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll double check the values.

The number at the top left of the graph is there to show you the scale of the graph. If we kept the scale the same all the time then the graph would jump off the area you could see if you used a lot of bandwidth. Instead we have to change the scale all the time.

I hope I explained that properly, it’s kind of confusing to type it.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I understand what the graph is showing, I was only confused about the numerical values in the Apps and Traffic tabs. I understand now that the values displayed there tell you how much data was downloaded during the last 5 minutes/3 hours/24 hours/week.

This means there’s no display anywhere (unless I’m missing something) of the current download and upload speeds (KB/s) and, as I understand, their specific values can only be guessed at by looking at the graph. Might I suggest including their numerical values somewhere on the graph page?

Thank you. We discussed this internally and we think you’re right about the values. I’ll let the team know about numerical values idea. We probably can’t include it in the next release but we’ll keep working.