Confusion with version numbers of blocked apps

I’m trying to grok the history of blockages and application usage.
I’m seeing up to a dozen line-items of the same app under “Blocked Apps”.
This is annoying to deal with. If each version of a program creates a new line item (I can see an argument for this), it would VERY helpful to add two features to this list.

  1. sort the list by version number with the latest one being outlined in a different color.
  2. have a superseding line item that represents all versions of the application with the version-specific line item indented below. This way one could select all versions and remove them from the 'Blocked Apps" list. Right now one has to select each one, look up the version number, determine if it’s the highest number, if not, delete it. This is very annoying and time-consuming. I suspect the majority of users are simply too confused to address this problem.