Connected Things USB tether query


When using my iphone to provide internet through usb, two connected devices appear in things part of App. 1 with local ip equal to my IPv4 address and then the other same as default gateway/DHCP server address.

Originally the DNS address’s just said the same as the IP above mac address within Things section. The last couple of days the device with IP same as gateway/DHCP server, now says autopush_prod_mozaws_net and yesterday oscp_sca1b_amazontrust_com.

I take it this expected? but unsure why it was originally saying the IP within DNS section originially (as in local address) and only now has changed to the remote location. Any ideas?


If you go to top left GlassWire menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have?

Thanks Ken, Its 2.2.210


I believe this was a known bug with this version. If you update to our latest software these weird names should go away over time.

Ok thanks, excuse my ignorance but how do I do that, is there an auto update so it takes care of itself?

All good Ken sorted, other forum posts answer my question, thanks for your help