Connecting to the local server

Hello! After installing the antivirus Glass Wire stopped working. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Throws an error after trying to connect to the local server

Good luck getting help. I have been trying for 17 days. I believe they are based in Ukraine and I’m not joking so maybe that’s the problem.

It should not be that hard to go into the antivirus settings and make an exclusion.

As far as I know they’re a U.S. based company?

It’s called local server because it connects the GlassWire Service running on your local computer, it shouldn’t need access to, besides, I don’t believe the Windows firewall supports hostname/DNS based filtering. (Edit: Some third party firewalls might, but still, it shouldn’t be messing with localhost/loopback connections)

As for OP’s problem, check in the “Services” program if “GlassWire Control Service” is running.


By “antivirus” do you mean GlassWire or some other program? If the latter, please say what the program is. (For the record: GlassWire isn’t an antivirus program, it’s a firewall)

I’m guessing the OP means that a 3rd party AV blocked Glasswire (probably the Glasswire service).

Agree with the suggestion to access the AV settings and add exclusions for Glasswire. But the exclusions should be for “Glasswire.exe” and “GWCtlSrv.exe”, rather than “”.

I uninstalled the antivirus, but the blocking options remained. Therefore, I cannot work with Glass Wire. I don’t know where to restore

Try this:

Uninstall Glasswire and reboot the PC.

Reinstall Glasswire clean when prompted by the installer.

GlassWire also has the option to install the software as a clean install. If you choose this option you will lose all your GlassWire settings, but if you’re a paid user you should keep your paid status. This feature is good to try if you are running into technical problems with GlassWire.

There is also an option to reset the Windows Firewall. If you want to start fresh with GlassWire and you don’t want other app Windows Firewall settings to interact with GlassWire’s firewall settings you can choose this option. Please note if you don’t reset the Windows Firewall settings some apps may temporarily access the network while GlassWire is in “Ask to connect” mode due to the previous Windows Firewall API rules.

It would really help if you could specify what software you are talking about so we can check what method it uses for (presumably) its firewall.