Constant Requests after denying with ask to connect

After a recent Windows update I began receiving Glasswire prompts to allow/deny a Microsoft app called “YourPhone”. According to my GW logs this is occurring as often as every 1-2 days, to every 3-5 days, with the most recent occurrence happening just a few minutes ago. I was under the impression that once an app is blocked, it should only ask me to allow or deny the app if the app has changed version numbers(aka has been updated), which the program most certainly has not been updated this many times. Also, each new GW prompt about this “YourPhone” app says it’s “first network activity”, which is certainly not the case.

Any ideas how to shut this app down/silence it for good?


If you look at the request, what version of the app is it? Is it a different version with a different location?

To find this out go to your firewall and find “yourphone” then click its icon, then look at its path and version.

Ok, the version number is different with each instance in the GW firewall. But the file location is the same “c:\programfiles\windowsapps\microsoft.yourphone_1.21022.139.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\yourphone.exe” for each instance listed in the GW alerts.

The reason I did not think this app had updated, is that GW usually gives me a visual prompt such as “Application info changed” whenever an app/program changes version number. I’m not seeing these prompts for this “YourPhone” app, and I am only getting a “first network connection” popup when it tries to phone home. Another windows program(that I apparently do not have blocked) is sneakily updating this app somehow, and I see nothing in windows task manager which would trigger an update. No warnings from windows update either that this app is being updated.

When a new version gets installed it probably tries to find a open port to connect to the developers/company.
Its annoying, because i have many programs like teamviewer which goes on with opening new ways till it does get to the place it wants to connect. It actually has been a nuisance to me at work in the paste because it kinda always finds a port to get out.
Its not good to block the initial ports anyway i like to keep control over them and want them to use the same port so i know its not a fake, sometimes i even follow the trace what ip it is babbling with.
If its the same then its in most cases ok.
But when it really is sending way too much data i uninstall it if i do not know what it is sending
For that i have CFOS which shows me exact how much data goes in and out to who, and is being logged at wish.
My advice if you never want to use that yourphone app which is a Win10 M$ product, simply find a easy tool to remove preinstalled apps there are many sadly when you get a major update count on M$ putting it back.

We are working on adding better support for Microsoft store apps in our next update. It should solve this issue.